Gene Allcott Scholars

Established in memory of Atlanta College of Art Alumnus Gene Allcott, these 4 scholarship are awarded annually to a full-time SCAD-Atlanta freshman, sophomore, junior and senior.


Talented Scholars… a Sampling!


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* GA Scholar 2017-8... Joy Garrett Douglas.png

Joy, Sculpture

SENIOR: All my life I have loved to work in all mediums of art. I began sewing and crafting at nine years old. Acceptance into Savannah College of Art and Design became a pivotal point in my life. I dove head first into my courses after my foundation year and excelled immediately. Currently I am elated to hold a solo exhibition of my senior body of work. I was raised in a single parent home and the Gene Arthur Allcott Scholarship has blessed my mom and I with relief. 

* GA Scholar 2017-9... Sequoyah Wildwyn-Dechter.png

Sequoyah, Photography

JUNIOR: I am a motivated artist. While not in school, I enjoy taking adventure photographs and hiking. I chose SCAD because I felt it would push me to my limits, and allow me to reach my full potential as an artist. In the future, I hope to be a fashion/portrait photographer for a clothing company, or a freelance travel photographer. This scholarship will help me achieve my goals by providing me with relief, and allowing me to concentrate more on learning.

* GA Scholar 2017-8... Ethan Goldberg.png

Ethan, Photography

SOPHOMORE: I am 19 years old and am currently studying to become a photographer. My hobbies include taking and editing photographs, martial arts, and archery. I have made it a point in my social life to be honest, kind, caring, and genuine. Money has always been a problem for my family. This scholarship helps me stay on the path to accomplish my goal to become a photographer. It takes some stress away from me and so I can more focus on doing my schoolwork

* GA Scholars 2017-8 Carlos Nunez.png

Carlos, Photography

FRESHMAN: I grew up on an island in Venezuela called Margarita, which changed my life mainly by its interculturality, which helped me to always see situations from different points of view. I moved to the US, first to escape the crisis Venezuela is experiencing and secondly to pursue a career in the arts. It was the toughest decision I have ever made but with confidence in myself I kept going, looking at the bigger picture and the opportunities I am going to have.


Below are ways you may contribute to the Gene Arthur Allcott Scholarship funds at SCAD. Each scholarship benefits a student within a particular class-level (freshman, sophomore, junior and senior):

  • Mail: Send cash or check gifts to SCAD Giving, 1600 Peachtree Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30309

  • Online: Visit, select “Scholarship” under the Donor Information section, and from the drop-down menu select one of the four Gene Arthur Allcott Scholarships available to SCAD students. 

  • Phone: Call SCAD Giving at 912.525.5856 to speak with a team member team who will happily process your gift over the phone. 

You will receive an official tax receipt for your donation. For more information, please contact or call 912.525.5856.


To some alumni, the idea of calling former classmates and asking for contributions to a scholarship fund was more than a little unappealing. Not to Gene Allcott. With ten minutes of coaching, a generic script and a list of phone numbers, Gene’s performance began. Everyone in the 14 suites of offices heard his opening “HEEEY THERE.” It was long and loud. Like an old-style politician, Gene worked the list. Cradling the phone, fidgeting in his chair and bellowing out those “HEEEY THEREs.” By evening’s end when all the $5, $10 and $50 contributions were counted, no one wondered why Gene brought in the most money. 

The script said, “Be yourself.”  Gene was.

—Ann Chamberlain, Milwaukee Institute of of Art, Former Director of Development, Atlanta College of Art

What? Me Donate? The famous drawer named after Gene Allcott! See story below.

What? Me Donate? The famous drawer named after Gene Allcott! See story below.

What, Me Donate?

I used to talk to Gene about contributions to his alma mater. One day he flipped a $50 at me and said, “There! Now what do I get named after me?” I discussed this with Ofelia Garcia, president of the college at that time, and she suggested we name the bottom drawer of her filing cabinet for  him — that important drawer on which the other drawers rested. When I reported this to Gene, he was delighted and wanted to see his eponymous drawer. That day happened to be the day of a college board of director’s meeting — Ofelia was busy and not to be disturbed — and I told Gene this. As he bounded toward her door, I admonished him repeatedly not to disturb her. Soon I heard laughter coming from her office; they seemed to be having a fine time. As he left, I commented that he must not be afraid of danger. He was still laughing, but he stopped and replied in a more somber tone, “You know, you can’t be afraid of danger if you can’t see danger coming.” —Libby Mohr, The Atlanta College of Art

Meet the Scholars…

2018-19: Sequoyah Wildwyn-Dechter, Annie Wood, Alexander Troy Hawkins, Mikael Jarrett

2017 -18: Ethan Goldberg, Sequoyah Wildwyn-Dechter, Joy Garrett-Douglas, Carlos Nunez

2016-17: Sequoyah Wildwyn-Dechter, Jeanie Zener Lo, Shelsea Bianca Erica Doran, Maya Ingraham

2015-16: Amelia Pythian, Jesse Pratt, Diana Sanchez, Akash Das

2014-15: Amy Marie Douglas, Valeria Marie Conty, Kumsuk Oh

2013-14: Natalie Ann Slater, Renuka Adhav, Arianna Simien, Bryttany Breana Mack

2012-13: Ana Gardiner, Anne-Marie Stephens, Arzu Yontar, Darlie Desrosiers

2011-12: Lauren Elizabeth Monger, Ashley Nicole Nesbit, Yon Wook Kim

2010-11: Miranda E Williamson, Yi Lim Park , Monica Ellis

2009-10: Amiyah Hannah, Ruby Elizabeth Franklin, Andrea Gill, Ana Gardiner

2008-09: Olga Nazarkina, Monica Rey, Anna Ellis, Jin Kim

2007-08: Nandini Mehra, Jessica Milan, Shannon Nicole Kellman, Kathleen O’Connor

2006-07: Kelly Cloning, Tiffany Rodriguez, Jacob T. Smith, Sarah Beil

2005-06: Faith McClure, Maria Joyner, Stephanie Kolpy, Yassel Sumalave, Shane Zucker

2004-05: Maria Joyner

The atlanta College of art became part of scad-Atlanta and the GENE ALLCOTT Scholarships moved over to SCAD, 2015

1999-2000: Ok Ju Kim, Anthony Garcia, Erica Malmsten, Danielle Chevalier

1998-1999: Nagisa Higashida, Joseph Moore, Loretta Mae Hirsch, Horace Forbes

1997-1998: Ryan Rummel, Stephanie Panek, Ewan Atkinson, Amanda McGee

1996-97: Clifton Parrish

1995-96: Melinda Ebert

1994-95: Nicholas Fraser

1993-94: Wendy Given

Gene’s mother June Allcott with 1993 Allcott Scholar Wendy Given’s Artwork

Gene’s mother June Allcott with 1993 Allcott Scholar Wendy Given’s Artwork

Gene in action and always having FUN!

Gene in action and always having FUN!

Making a Difference in a Student’s Life

We are very pleased that SCAD-Atlanta has the opportunity to administer the Allcott Scholarship Funds.  They are helping deserving students complete their education and are truly making a difference in our students’ lives.  We are pleased that Gene’s legacy continues in such a visible and significant way.  He was indeed a wonderful artist and caring individual.

Pharris (“P.J.”) Johnson, former Vice President for SCAD Atlanta