Exhibits + Awards

Solo Exhibitions

Gene Allcott:  “I Wish You Could See the World the Way I See It,” Gallery 100, Atlanta College of Art, Atlanta, 1999

Gene Allcott’s Love of Life and Art, Tula Art Center, Atlanta, 1993 

Gene Allcott: New World Order, Berlin Club, Atlanta, 1992

Gene Allcott,” Castlegate Hotel, Atlanta, 1992

Gene Allcott’s Love of Life,  Tula Art Center, 1993

Gene Allcott’s Love of Life, Tula Art Center, 1993

Temporary Tokyo, Atlanta Financial Center, 1989

Everybody’s Talking About the New Work of Gene Allcott, Colony Square, 1989

Caribbean, Plywood and Tourists, 280 Elizabeth Street, Atlanta, 1988

When we were renovating our building on 280 Elizabeth Street, Gene said, “Boy, I’d love to have a show down there.” And I said, “Gene, we would love that. How about May?” But the year passed while we finished things up. The next year, he called and said, “It’s May again! You didn’t say which May, did you?” So we had the show. — PETER HAND, ARCHITECT

Gene Allcott,” Theatrical Outfit, Atlanta, 1986

Gene Allcott; Obscure Intensities, Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, Atlanta, 1985

Prior Engagements: Gene Allcott, Clayworks Gallery, Atlanta, 1985

Gene Allcott: Decisions, Gestures and Moments, Chasten Arts and Crafts Center,” Atlanta, 1980

Grants and Awards

(Pictured below)

The IBO/SADD Olympics Poster, Atlanta,1989

Theatrical Outfit, “What the Butler Saw.” Atlanta Offset Poster, 1987

Theatrical Outfit, “Lysistrata,” Atlanta Offset Poster, 1986

Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Atlanta, 1986

Theatre in the Square, “The Miser,” Marietta, Ga., 1984

Independence Festival Poster, Atlanta, 1983

Theatrical Outfit, “Crime on Goat Island,” Atlanta, Limited Edition Silk-screen Poster, 1983

I was the PR/Marketing Director for Theatrical Outfit as well as Visual Arts Curator for the theatre’s lobby. I exhibited Gene’s work there three times, and we became good friends. As one of his people, Gene would call me at the Outfit on a regular basis with a new joke. One day he phoned with a joke that was so funny I just couldn’t stop laughing. “Why are you laughing so hard,” my co-workers wanted to know. Since there was no way I could do the story justice, I called the rest of the staff into my office and put Gene on the speakerphone. He made us all roll on the floor. It became a thing. Gene would call with a new joke, and all regular theatre activities would suspend for a couple of minutes, while we gathered ‘round the speakerphone, anticipating what we knew would lead to a wonderful flood of laughter. Oh, how he always made us laugh!


Birmingham Biennial Purchase Award, 1980

Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Atlanta, 1978

SADD Olympics, 1989

SADD Olympics, 1989

Commercial Commissions

Alexander Julian Enterprises, Inc., New York City

Azar Salon, Atlanta

Babbit & Reiman Advertising, Atlanta 

Carter and Associates (Real Estate Developers), Atlanta

Chow Restaurant, Atlanta 

Heery and Heery Interiors, Atlanta

Hewitt Associates (Personnel Agency), Atlanta

Hirsch Bedner & Associates, Atlanta

Jim Young Interiors, Atlanta

Marra’s Restaurant, Atlanta 

Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, Florida

Roy Otwell, DOS, Atlanta

Gene Allcott: I Wish You Could See the World the Way I See It,  Gallery 100, Atlanta College of Art, 1999

Gene Allcott: I Wish You Could See the World the Way I See It, Gallery 100, Atlanta College of Art, 1999


Group Exhibitions

Friends of Gene Exhibits, Thomas Deans Gallery and Besharat Gallery, Savannah College of Art and Design: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

Atlanta College of Art, Alumni Show,1993

Bazaar Bizarre, Atlanta, 1992

Atlanta College of Art, Alumni Show, 1987

Ersatz Gallery, Carter and Associates, Atlanta, 1987

Blue Rat Art Gallery, Atlanta, 1987

I first ran into Gene in 1977 when he was first starting out as a young artist. I had a gallery in Buckhead. He brought his work in, and I looked at his slides and immediately began laughing. More like a guffaw. Gene was alarmed. “What’s the matter?” he asked. I described his work as just wonderful, delightful! He could rest assured that he would be in our gallery. One of the cutest things that ever happened was he had many, many shows, and he would call always in a panic. “I’m not nearly ready,” he’d say. “What am I going to do?” And each time, I’d say, “Gene would you please relax. You know acrylics dry in 15 minutes.” —Mellie Baird Ratz, Mattress Factory

Kite Invitational, Colony Square, Atlanta, 1987

Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, 1987

Georgia Artists in Sweden, Malmo, Sweden, 1986

Ersatz Gallery, Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs, 1986

Ersatz Gallery Group: Gene Allcott, Jere Brookshire and Dennis Darling, 1986

Ersatz Gallery Group: Gene Allcott, Jere Brookshire and Dennis Darling, 1986

Third Annual Mattress Factory Show, Atlanta, 1985

Atlanta College of Art, Alumni Show, Atlanta, 1985

7th Annual Open Studios, 1985

Blue Rat Art Gallery, Atlanta, 1985

Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, 1984

Blue Rat Art Gallery, Atlanta, 1984

Atlanta College of Art, Alumni Show, 1984

What Artists Have to Say About Nuclear War, Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, 1983

Mauverotica — Nassau Visions Gallery, Atlanta, 1982

Poolside — Nassau Visions Gallery, Atlanta, 1981

* GA Exhibit 1981 POOLSIDE.jpg

Gene and I really did have a lot of shows together, mainly because the owner of a gallery we loved was an ACA graduate– Mitch Fagan of Nassau Visions Gallery. Mitch would pretty much give Gene and I a show anytime we wanted to have one – we loved Mitch! One such show was the Poolside show.

Gene had a girlfriend back then named Margaret, I think. Margaret decided she was going to knit a silver swimsuit for Gene to wear at the show opening. The swimsuit was to be a speedo. All our friends including me tried to talk Margaret out of this idea. Margaret persisted and made the speedo.

On the night of the opening after the parents and children all left, which was when all of the real opening parties would begin, Gene disappeared. I knew what would happen next. Sure enough, I heard a sort of gasp and witnessed Gene strutting around the gallery in his new speedo.

It was classic Gene – just having fun and being Gene.

— Kevin Sartain, friend

Decisions, Gestures and Summer Movements — Chastain Arts Center, Atlanta, 1980

Nassau Visions Gallery, Winter Group Show, Atlanta, 1980

Birmingham Biennial, Birmingham, Alabama, 1980

Vitreous Humor — Atlanta College of Art Gallery, Atlanta, 1980

Celebration of Banners, Ames, Iowa, 1979

Atlanta College of Art, Alumni Show, 1979

M. Baird Gallery, Atlanta, 1977

Javo Gallery, Atlanta, 1977

Small Works, Atlanta Artworkers Coalition, 1977

Atlanta Artworkers Coalition, 1977

Synthesis 100% Natural, Colony Square, Atlanta, 1977

Without Words, Colony Square, Atlanta, 1976

From the Top, Atlanta College of Art, High Museum, Galleria,1976

Up Against the Wall, Gallery 413, Atlanta College of Art, 1976

Arts Festival of Atlanta,1976 

Private Collections

Alexander Julian, New York, N.Y.

Barbara Van, Atlanta

Christy Dockery, Decatur, Ga.

Dal Covington, Atlanta

Dina Del Guercio, Huntsville, Ark.

Geddes Dowling, Atlanta, Ga.

Harry Kuniansky, Atlanta

Jack Sibley, Freeman and Hawkins, Atlanta

Tim Lantz, Atlanta 

Exhibits Invitations + Award-Winning Artwork

My brother Gene always colored outside the lines.
— John Allcott, brother